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Origin of Clans in Ebiraland

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Clans In Ebiraland:  About 1680 AD, Ebira People (along with the Idoma and Igala) migrated out of Wukari, a chieftaincy dispute started, the Ebira later split into various groups and settled in different locations between 1680 and 1750 AD.

The Ebira Tao first sojourned with the Igalas at Idah but later crossed the River Niger and settled at Ebira Opete located the vicinity of Upake in Ajaokuta LGA.

The ‘father’ of the Ebira Tao who led them to this premier settlement in Ebiraland was Itaazi. Itaazi had five (5) sons and one (1) daughter, five sons all later migrated from Ebira Opete and the six children were the founders of the various districts in Ebiraland.

Itaazi (Adayi Ebira) Children And The District They Founded in Ebiraland.

  1. Adaviruku/Ohizi (Adavi)
  2. Ododo (Okehi)
  3. Obaji (Eyika),
  4. Uga (Okengwe)
  5. Ochuga/Onotu (Ihima)
  6. Ohunene (Eganyi) 

Members of the various clans in Ebiraland are descendants of the children of Itaazi.

Ohizi had five children who are progenitors of the five traditional Adavi clans named after them.

Ohizi Children

  1. Upopo-uvete (Apasi),
  2. Uka
  3. Idu (Aniku),
  4. Adeyika and
  5. Uhwami.

A migrant group from Eganyi known as Ezi-Onogu clan is also found in Adavi. The sons of Ododo are the ancestors of Okehi clans.

Ododo Sons

  1. Okovi Oviri and 
  2. Enwgukonyai

Obaji the founder of Eika had ten children named below:

Obaji Children

  1. Ohiaga
  2. Iyewe, 
  3. Avassa
  4. Ehemi,
  5. Anchi, 
  6. Epoto
  7. Egiri,
  8. Ubobo,
  9. Ogu and
  10. Eyire.

Uga of Okengwe had two sons whose children constitute the present Okovi and Agada group of clans. Due to a sizeable concentration of other Ebira clans in Okengwe district, they formed a socio-political coalition known as Ada-ehi. Ochuga had six children and their descendants make up the six clans in Ihima. These are

  1. Emani,
  2. Oha/Idu,
  3. Ohueta,
  4. Ure,
  5. Ohongwa and
  6. Odumi. 

The seventh clan is Akuta who migrated from Okengwe. Though Itaazi’s daughter named Ohunene was the founder of Eganyi, not all the clans there are descended from her.

Eganyi clans are Ede, Esugu, Eheda, Ogu, Onoko, Idu, Anavapa and Ogodo. The Aningere who are skilled craftsmen are found in all districts. They are, however, more concentrated in Okengwe and Adavi districts.

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