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Top 8 Latest Fashion Styles From Ebira Women – Start Rocking

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Ebira Bride (Ebira Wedding)

I’m not a fashion person but i appreciate a good sense of fashion when i see one, other tribes might beat Ebira Women in other things but not in Fashion and BEAUTY, with all this breathtaking random styles i picked might not be the best but will go a long way to changing your fashion sense…

In this article i will be showing you top styles you should opt for next time you visit your tailor, been at a wedding or any event at all is amazing,not until you found your self out of the clique. Join the fashion geng today by following this fashion trends from Ebira Women.

The key to showing up at a wedding in style is by rocking a well-tailored outfit and owning your look. It’s time to upgrade your fashion game in 2020 by ditching boring styles for more elegant and unique ones.

1. Ebira Wedding Guest With A Good Taste.

Check out the above style and tell me you don’t like it. The Head Tie (Ubobo or Gele) alone is dashing, this style should definitely be in your a list of next style to sew. Let your tailor know about it.

2. The Simple Make Up and Little of Shakara Selfy.

Did you see that? The ovada alone awesome not to talk of the Ubobo (Head Tie) so awesome, also look at the Ebira Traditional Bead she used. Try this style and land your self the Mr. RIGHT IN NO TIME. wink….

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3. Not Only Bright Colors Are Cool.

Who says you can only rock bright colours when it comes to Fashion? This Ebira Bride set the pace for breathtaking looks at this Ebira Traditional Attire in this amazing style. The strapless dress has a mixture of silver and ruffles at the lower part. You would get everyone’s attention at your next wedding party with this dress. I promise you that

4. Simple But Elegant With Leli and Ebira Fashion Beads.

Drawing leli should be included in your dressing, you want to show off your fashion beads also.

5. The Chiganvy Gold

No long talk, with this gown you’ve already gotten that promotion or contract. Where the hell are

6. Let’s Go The Native Way.

The Ebira Native Attire in Fabric is the best for this. It’s time to know if your tailor is a one minute man. Hmm.

7. Men Will Fall For This I Swear.

Are you a wedding guest? By planning this kind of style, the show has been stolen by you. See that ceava


8. The Gown That Reveal Your Shape A Little.

Oh my God, check out that shape. She need to go on the Hausa Level a little, i couldn’t get my eyes off that shape, know if your tailor is incompetent with this style. Show what God has done for you a little. Lol.


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