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Hooray!! Ozavize In Business Class For The First Time – Story Time

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Ozavize Hmm!!! Now you have been casted. So in 2019 when there was no cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria, Sepheenat Ozavize was visiting Abuja, from Ilorin (Kwara State). I happened to be on the flight too.

When we got seated on the airplane, she noticed everything was unusually different. Her seat was on the first row and she had enough room for her legs unlike during her flight to Lagos.

As soon as we took off, the air hostess rolled a cart of food and handed her a menu to make her pick.

This is super weird for a local airline, she thought.

She pointed at the jollof and she handed her a tray of jollof rice, chicken sauce, salad, bread roll, cheese, sweet, malt, water and cake.

Ozavize You Have Been Served.

When today is not even her birthday? She was afraid. She held the air hostess hand and whispered. “Please is the food free?”

She laughed out loud and nodded. She was given only bread and chivita on her flight to Lagos so she kept wondering what changed. She refused to eat until she saw Me eating beside her. That was when she started eating slowly. Halfway, she turned around and noticed a curtain was separating ten passengers including us from the other passengers. That was when it dawned on her!


Sepheenat shouted in her mind but i was the only one that heard that, don’t blame me (I hear things normal people can’t hear)

She almost choked on her rice when She realised that. She didn’t know whether to sit crosslegged like @tokemakinwa, to start sharing her CV to the business class people, or to drop the food and run into the economy wing she belonged or to start up conversations on Forbes latest article. She was waiting for me her business class colleague to ask what she does for a living so she can tell me, “I am a celebrity but you don’t know me.” – I no just answer her i dey look am, and dey observe everything.

She took out her boarding pass and peeped at it. It appeared her seat was no1 in the economy wing but she mistook it for no1 in business class which turned out vacant, lucky for her. She couldn’t even maintain eye contact with the air hostess for fear that she might suspect her and call Airpeace police to arrest her. She looked out of the window and smiled for the rest of the flight. OZAVIZE WAS FLYING BUSINESS CLASS JUST LIKE THAT HOORAY!!!!

When we landed, the driver of the hilux that came for business class passengers asked her to get in along with us but she ran away. ????? She was not doing again before they catch her. At MMA1, I intentionally delayed leaving the airport because I wanted to see everything to the end. I knew Ozavize didn’t have enough money with her for drop, and the person who promised to pick her didn’t show up which meant She had to go home by Taxi. Imagine if her business class colleagues spot her inside taxi on their way out of the airport. ABOMINATION!?????? She was thinking about it and i was hearing.

She was guessing she is only passenger that lodged in Sheraton, flew business class yet used taxi back home. Congratulations to her. She has finally blown!

As for me, Hmm i waited for the person wey go come carry me never showef up and i no get shishi for pocket.

Ozavize Mary

PS: Let’s Celebrate an amazing Woman today Sepheenat Ozavize Mary, Happy Birthday Inya Koi Koi. More Life and Prosperity….. Enjoy Your Day.. And abeg no forget my Akara Etupa.


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  1. Oyiza Abdullahi

    - Jun 16, 2020 at

    Finally you are back with your encounters, you be real Amebo walahi but i miss your gists sha.

    Happy Birthday to her make she age with lots of love and prosperity + Wealth

  2. Funmilayo Ade

    - Jun 16, 2020 at

    LMAO walahi you dey craze
    Happy Birthday to her

  3. Jide Ogunsanya

    - Jun 16, 2020 at

    HBD. Why won’t you go into Gossip Blogging fully self?

  4. Ruby Ataba

    - Jun 16, 2020 at

    Lol. Hey there i love your stories and i have been following your blog posts for sometimes now i really love your work.
    More greece to your elbow

    Commenting from New York

  5. Ozavize Adams

    - Jun 16, 2020 at

    Something smell fishy here. Hmm
    HBD to Her Though. My namesake

  6. Hediot


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