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5 Myths You Will Hear From A Typical Anebira.

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The time of Terekachi.

Just the way i write Ebira Tales By Moonlight Stories, some tribes in Nigeria strongly believes in some unbelievable things, which in fact are not explainable. Here you will see numbers of some Ebira People’s Ancient Beliefs.

Every other tribes in the world, saw the need to come up with rules that the society had to live by in order to keep the land clean. This need to sanitise the society and prevent cultural abuses has led to the establishment of cultural taboos and abominations. But in this article i will only be focusing on Myths and not Taboos in Ebiraland.

1. Looking Mirror At Night.

According to Ebira Folktale, looking at mirror during the night time is very bad. Looking at mirror at night might invite evil spirits, instead of seeing yourself in the mirror you will see something else.


2. Beating a Male Child With Broom or Turning Stick.

In Ebira Language Broom is Ohi, while Turning Stick is Okaha. Ebira people believed that when you beat a male child with broom the size of his manhood will shrink. The thing is no matter how religious you are in Ebiraland you will think twice before hitting a male child with Ohi (Broom). So the remedy is for the boy to hit back the person with broom 7 times. Lol. The same thing applies to turning stick (Okaha). Pop on

3. Rainbow, Sun and Rain.

When the Sun (Oyi) shines, while Rain (Orihi) is falling. Ebira people most especially the hunters (Ozube) believed that Lion (Idu) or Elephant (Odoba) is given birth. Since Rainbow forms whit the rays of light on Rain, it’s believed that the biggest snake is drinking water after or before the rain (depending on the time the rainbow forms) or two big snakes are mating. Lol.

4. Reincarnation (Onovave).

One of the most popular Nigerian myth is the one told about the Anebiras, where the dead are expected to return to their family in the form of a newborn baby. Who a child is can be determined by its resemblance to the dead.

I have written two articles about this subject, with everything you need to know about it. See links to the articles below;

5. Someone Walking Over Your Legs.

If someone walks over your legs it is believed you will end up having kids who look just like that person. How this happens nobody understands. Pregnant women are quick to take their legs out of the way when someone tries to pass.

6. Bringing Down Pot From Stove Without Uncovering It.

This is another popular one i personally experience this one. My mom will often tell me not to try it for she don’t want to give birth to a dumb child.

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