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Video: Ebira National Anthem

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Ebira National Anthem

So i was going through the internet and i stumble upon the Nigeria National Anthem in Ebira Language, I love it and i say i should share with you guys the heartbreaking part is that i don’t know who the pioneer of this great piece are, i should have given them the proper credit.
Even though the National Anthem lyrics can not be exactly thesame with Ebira translation but this one is mind blowing and i love it so enjoy it below thanks.


ENGLISH: Arise compatriots,
EBIRA: Kwete Ewu n’aza.

ENGLISH: Nigeria’s call obey,
EBIRA: Kwete yi Nigeria.

ENGLISH: To serve our fatherland,
EBIRA: Heke Ekura Yi.

ENGLISH: With love and strength and faith,
EBIRA: Riri Oyisi Oni Izeyiza.

ENGLISH: The labor of our heroes past,
EBIRA: Uya Anadayi Nini ri.

ENGLISH: Shall never be in vain,
EBIRA: As’ovavi Ohe

ENGLISH: To serve with heart and might,
EBIRA: Je ya sukata yi

ENGLISH: One nation bound in freedom,
EBIRA: Heke i Nigeria

ENGLISH: Peace and unity.
EBIRA: Riri Engworo.

Ebira National Anthem Video.


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