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Dad Kidnapped Daughter For 24 Years, Raped Her 3000 Times And Had 7 Children With Her

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Parenthood has been taken for granted in today’s society and many do not even know what it portrays. The story of the kidnap, rape and torture of Elisabeth Fritzl by her father Josef Fritzl, is a case that has brought disbelief and terror to the hearts of the people of Australia and the world at large. 

When 18 year old Elisabeth Fritzl suddenly went missing, the police were alerted by her mother Rosemarie Fritzl . They searched for weeks. But they stopped the process when they recieved a letter from Elisabeth, saying she was tired of her family and had left, which her father said was possible as she had always wanted to join a religious cult. So the police gave up the search.What they didn’t know was that Elisabeth never left her home. Instead her father had locked her in cellar just 20 feet below in their basement.

Josef had asked his daughter to assist him in the cellar which was being renovated. He told her to help him hold a door while he fixed it on its hinges. When they were finished Josef pushed Elisabeth inside the room, which was easy because he had pressed a towel soaked with ether to her nose. 

For 24 years, that cellar would become her home. Eventually the world forgot about Elisabeth .

Josef made the basement well fortified and had 8 doors before the door leading to the cellar. He made that cellar out of bounds for anyone else but him, so when he went down there at 9.am each day, and even spent the night, his wife thought he was drawing plans for the machines he sold.

But Josef was a monster. For the first 2 years, he didn’t touch Elisabeth. But then he began raping her, an act he had been doing since she was 11 years old.  

She eventually got pregnant but miscarried . Two years later, she got pregnant again, this time a baby girl named Kerstin was born. She had no help but her father provided her with disinfectant, a dirty pair of scissors and a 1960’s book on childbirth. Two years after Kerstin another boy named Stefan was born . In fact Elisabeth gave birth to 7 children for her father, in that cellar.

The cellar was damp and rat infested, they were given packaged food for weekly consumption, and had no means of escape, because Josef had told them that if they tried to leave, they would trigger a booby trap he had made that would shock them and fill the room with poisonous gas. 

Eventually Josef selected 3 children who made too much noise, despite the fact that he soundproofed the room. He told his family he discovered them in bushes or on the doorstep with notes allegedly written by Elisabeth, claiming she couldn’t keep the baby and was leaving it with her parents.

No one ever questioned Josef and didn’t even go to his cellar when he traveled on vacation. 

For 24 years he had gotten away with it, but one day his first daughter with Elisabeth slipped into coma, Elisabeth begged her father to take her to the hospital which he did.But Kerstin was in very bad shape and For one week, police questioned her . They finally got suspicious of Josef and reopened Elisabeth’s case . When they read the letters Elisabeth had supposedly been leaving and began to see inconsistencies. Police demanded she had to come for questioning. Josef felt pressured and released Elisabeth for the first time in 24 years. She immediately went to the hospital to see her daughter, when they saw her appearance the hospital alerted the police.For one week, she was questioned about her daughter and her father’s story. When police promised she never had to see Josef again , Elisabeth told the tale of her 24-year imprisonment.

After his arrest, it was revealed that he had been arrested for rape before, and Elisabeth blamed her mom for knowing he was once imprisoned for rape and bringing him into their family. 

Today, Elisabeth Fritzl has a new name in a secret Austrian village known only as “Village X. Though she is now in her mid-fifties, the last photo taken of her was when she was just 16 years of age, she had fallen in love with one of the police men who was guarding her.Josef Fritzl got life imprisonment and is said to be dying a shameful death, he had sinced changed his name. When asked why he did that to his daughter, he revealed that she looked just like his mom and he had always wanted to have his mom. People have become so controlled by lust that they have lost their sense of reasoning and it’s appalling the length people are willing to go. A person that can’t control their flesh is capable of doing the most evil things. Please, read, like, share and comment I’d love to know what you think. 


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