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A Clarion Call to ‘NDLEA’ and The Need For Urgent Involvement of Relevant Stakeholders

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It is so manifest and glaring, the participation of youths in immoderate consumption of alcohol/hard drugs and other substances to their body system, Unmindful of the concomitants of excessive alcohol and hard drugs consumption. Youths desires and gratification towards hard drugs/alcohol and other harmful substances which are identical to the task of damaging the brain and stopping it from working for evermore calls for dire interference in a plot to subdue this widespread consumption of hard drugs/alcohol and tobacco leaves in the society.

The disobliging thoughts that always ensnare youths on their said usefulness of these aforementioned substances have led to havoc and constitution of nuisance in our community. To all appearances, this ideology of “Drugs/Alcohol” is the solution to my problem has brought backwardness and retrogression to our educational system. Long before today youths had engrossed themselves in innovative discourse, today it is either baloney on the ground of hard drugs/alcohol and tobacco leaves for fulfillment, satisfaction or they boast on who consumes more.
They also convene the intrepidity to hurl contemptuousness at the inability of some youths to gladden the idea of hard drugs/alcohol for fulfillment, pleasure or whatever it brings. Hard drugs/alcohol and smoking of Indian hemp is never a thing to be proud of.
Drugs like “DIZZA, TUTOLIN, and TRAMADOL” just to mention a few have great effect on the lives of youths academically which can never be laid too much emphasis on. On the opinion of some drug users; they believe it brings their head in terms with the brain to think fair-mindedly which a false belief of a chronic addict. If the said reasons for taking it are realistic. Then it is ephemeral, and at the end of all it always leaves back casual end result after serving the intended purposes which often amounts to insanity. Large intake of hard drugs/alcohol and smoking of slice putrescent leaves wrapped in a translucent paper, have seriously damaged lives and properties, family, friends and colleagues in the society and country like Nigeria.
Psychologically, it has been proven that users of drugs/alcohol started with the aim of coping with stress and pain. In Kogi state and Nigeria at large today, the high patronage shops that sell these “killers” in disguise record on daily basis seems to be proliferating beyond expectation.
Psychological effect of Drugs/Alcohol:
1. Wild mood effect
2. Confusion
3. Psychological tolerance to drug effects arousing to do ever-increasingamount of alcohol/hard drugs,
That is the reason people still indulge in excessive intake of hard drugs/alcohol after immoral experience.
I am particularly not happy, as people living in Kogi central are also troubled by roguish activities of hard/alcoholic users; this has increasingly given rise to high number of mentally unbalanced youths.

Being a vibrant supporter of “NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN” I can’t fold arms like a bewildered on-looker to watch fellow youths destroy their lives and properties with the assistance of uncontrollable dosage of drugs/alcohol. How would the dream of “NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN” ever come to actuality when youths have taken Drugs/alcohol as liberation?
This is a call to NDLEA, relevant stakeholders and other agency saddled with the responsibilities of curbing this act capable of stripping Nigeria off its remaining credibility.
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Image Credits to: NAES, Ahmadu Bello University Chapter.
Content Credits: Ibrahim Ibrahim.


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