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5 Best Indigenous Ebira Foods You Should Know. – With Pictures

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Ebira Food: The importance of good food in the world at large cannot be over hyped. Good food makes you feel good and healthy. Isn’t it? I can guess what your response is.

There are several kinds of local foods in Ebiraland which has been in existence since our great grandfather’s time.

These foods have been tagged theirs because they have found themselves fallen in love with the meal over and over again, however, the accessibility and abundance of some foods in some regions of Nigeria makes it easy for the inhabitants to claim it as theirs.

Table of Contents

5 Best Ebira Traditional Foods

  1. Uka (Yam/Cassava Flour
  2. Iya (Pounded Yam)
  3. (Apapa)
  4. Eba (Garri)
  5. Ove (Moi Moi from Water Yam)

Today, I want to give you a peek into what the Ebira people of Nigeria call their own. They are locally made dishes prepared in the most intriguing way that will make your mouth salivate a lot. Lol

Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour). Ebira Food
Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour).

1. Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour).

Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour) is a delicious delicacy in Nigeria. It is made from yam or Cassava Flour flour which is dried and grinded into powder form. its also known as Amala in Yoruba Languge   This is prepared in hot water and stirred continuously until it becomes so fluffy and smooth. It can be eaten with any kind of soup you love. Though, drawl soups are usually chosen over other vegetables.  

Iya (Pounded Yam) Ebira food
Iya (Pounded Yam)

2. Iya (Pounded Yam)

Pounded yam, locally called ‘Iya’ is one of the most delicious meal eaten in the Kogi West, Kogi Central part of Kogi State.   Everybody appears to love it and claim it as their origin specific meal but Ekiti people seem to claim ‘Iya’ as their food more than any other state in Nigeria. But since Ebira People in that region only grow Yam in the farm so they claim it too.  

Apapa (Ebira Moi Moi). ebira food
Apapa (Ebira Moi Moi).

3. Apapa (Ebira Moi Moi).

Apapa is another variety of beans that is so delicious to eat. It is eaten widely by Okene, Ogaminana, Ihima and other other parts of Ebiraland also have their own version and preparation styles.   This food is known as apapa, which when cooked properly can even be eaten as a snack. It looks like moi-moi but the colour is different.

How To prepare Apapa Ebira Food
How To prepare Apapa

It can be made with either Brown Beans, Black Eyed Beans or Lentils. It has diverse kind of packaging styles from aluminum foil to plastic bags, and containers, though it is safer and more nutritious to use the local Apapa leaves to package it as it is said to serve as an antioxidant to the Apapa wrapped in it.   Recommended: This is how to cook Apapa Click Me

Eva, Eba (Garri). Ebira Food
Eva, Eba (Garri).

4. Eva, Eba (Garri).

Eva/Eba/Garri – is a food commonly eaten by a large number of Nigerians, though Ebira  & Yoruba garri is whiter in colour like the picture above than the Igbo garri which looks yellow in colour.   Eva is made from cassava in powdered form. Eva is usually prepared by gently pouring the powdered cassava known as garri into hot water until it becomes slightly saturated. This is stirred continuously to form a fluffy mixture that can be swallowed softly. Eva has a huge amount of calories that our body needs to be energized which is a whopping 357 calories in 100 grams. Eva is usually eaten in the North Central, south-east, south-west and south-south of Nigeria, some other Africans like Togo and Ghana also eat garri.  

Ove (Moi Moi Made From Water Yam)

5. Ove (Moi Moi Made From Water Yam)

Ove is one Ebira Traditional food that most Ebira youths don’t know about, the reason may be because of the souce: Water Yam whichis known to Ebiras as Evina is not common anymore, you only see this in some parts of Ebira Peoples settlements.   Ove is commonly consumed by the Ebira people. It is a tasty, mouth-watering Moi-Moi made from water yam and other tasty ingredients such as vegetables, onions, palm oil, pepper, seasoning and salt to taste.   Water yam is known to be very nutritious with vitamins ranging from calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper.   It also contains vitamins C and E which have antioxidant properties. It has also been discovered to slow down ageing process in adults and it also fights diabetes.   To make it extra-ordinarily enjoyable, some crayfish and smoked fish may be added to the whole mixture.  

Eating Apapa Ebira Food
Me, Eating Apapa

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