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History: The Legendary Journey Of Obege Of Ebiraland.

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When you live with elderly people in Ebiraland you would have heard them mention the name of Obege one way or the other the reason is that among the Ebira-taos no traditional healer is as widely known and acknowledged as Obege I gathered Obege history by doing research from one of my Grandmas in my Mothers compound who claimed to be Ozi Obege {Aniyewe] and have some solid confirmation from the Book What I Know About Them The Ebira History Makers Written and published by Professor Yusuf Otaru Aliyu.

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Obege has remaineda reference point to the Ebira people as far as the knowledge and practice of traditional medicine is concerned in Ebiraland. Its not uncommon to here our Grandpas or Grandmas always refer to the statement: Is he better than Obege? He practiced his medicine out of Humanitarian motive.

As my Grandma and the book disclose to me its believe that Obege is a Man with mythical powers. The greatest of the entire thing disclosed to me was his burial around 1903. They said he requested the he should be buried in a rock behind his house in Eika-Ohizenyi. The grave was hewed out without difficulty. As soon as the body was covered, the rock ecame whole again without any sign of human interference. The rock has remained intact up till date as when Obege`s body was in it. Though I didn’t visit the grave but the book which I use I guiding myself and what Grandma told me were the same thing.

Its actually difficult to date Obeges birth, but as the book disclosed and my Grandma its around 1820-1903. Obege said to have died four month after Odimboros Fire tragedy of 1903. As my Grandma disclosed Odimboro Obege and Osime were the most powerful men of their time the remaining two people history will be live on this site later just don’t forget to surbscribe to this blog with your email so that you can receive all updates in your inbox for free. Its said that Odimboro died carring lot of people along while Obege died by been buried inside the rock and Osime Got no grave its said that Osime Dead body flew away.

Obege is of iyewe lineage just like my Grandma of Eika-Ohizenyi, and for this reason all persons deriving from that lineage consider themselves as children of Obege.

Obege as told by the book {what I know about them by Professor Aliyu] belonged to third generation of pioneer settlers of present day  Ebiraland. His great Grandfather, Eika was believe to have migrated to the present Okene area from Ebira-Koto with his Eleven children, one of whom was iyewe, the grandfather of Obege; The others were Aavi, Anchi, Avasa, Egiri, Ehiaga, Ekpoto, Itodo, Ododo, and Ubobo.

Obege is said to have derived his medicine herbal talent from a long tradition practice by his great-grandfather, iyewe who studied medicine from Anese-Anowe of Kabba and the Avasa, The Bassa-Nge; he base in gynaecological paediatric and skin problems. Obeges Father Itodo was a great hunterwho killed single handedly an Elephant and Buffaloes as a result of his knowledge of magical herbs as disclosed  by the book Written by Professor Yusuf Otaru Aliyu.

Obege received his early life education from his parent just like other kids of his time in Eika; He received lessons in Music and understudied his parents in their herbal practice. He later went to Upake {Ebira-Kpete] to study traditional medicine Under a very popular herbalist, Inogun Omenesa of Igala-Ebira Parentage. UPAKE population by the fact of living near the borderlands of Igala, Spoke Ebira and Igala as their languages. They also spoke Bassa-Nge fluently as a result of contacts through trade, fishing on the River Niger, Farming and Hunting on Common Grounds.

Not long when Obege had a chronic abdominal pain and had to e be taken to Ehi Ovosi Meaning Herbal home for treatmenthe had to work on Omenesas farm for the settlement of his bills for some years. In the process he arquire more knowledge of herbal for medicine.

As soon as he returned from to Eika-Ohizenyi  from Upake he disappeared and fell into spiritual trance. It was after five days of serious search he vwas discovered at Emani Shrine {Ori Emani] by one Farmer who farmed near the shrine Ori Emani is a very powerful spirit worship by Eika as at that Time I don’t know of now though,  I was told the shrine had a very large cave in which the spirit reside.

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He could not be brought home until the fourteen day without food water because of bees that is guiding the shrine but as for what my Grandma disclosed to me: they were afraid but after forteen days they were able to bring him home the bees escort him home.

Thereafter he started his miracle works, which he combined with orac;le consulting Eva Fortune telling. Very soon his fame spread all over Ebiraland and beyond, which also brought emity at home his enemies were mainly his family members.

The hatred then one day brokeinto open when a cousin of his named Avajara,  the son of Ehebe and the uctodian of Idewu masquerade of the Iyewe Clan, killed on of the Rams Obege has prepared to use in his shrine. This quarrel showed Obege how Bitter it is for some of his family to see his progress so he decided to change environment . this is why he moved to Ihima.

With him was 13 people. Now they had to cross a stream if not a river, name : Okuha Anatahu, near Obehira as it is rainy season the stream was full. So 7 of the 13 people that followed him drowned. Obege is said to have crossed by flying.

Obege was joyfully welcomed on his arrival in Ihima they showed that they were highly hounoured to have hime with them.

His absence was been felt in Eika, their was no other herbalist to attend to their needs, so for these reason they arranged for a truce and peaceful resolution of the difference between them and Obege. So he agreed to returned to Eika.

After his triumphant home coming, Obege displayed more of his wonders and all his wonders attributed to him were understood in terms of his acquisition of herbal knowledge. Such wonders include the ability to make rain, Transfiguration power, healing and foretelling the ability to fly.

Obege’s contribution to Ebira knowledge of of medicinal plants and folklore on drugs is unsurpassed up till today. And I was told that in his will before he died he said all his lineage will not do charm and no charm will ever work on the lineage though we don’t know how true this is and again Iyewes lineage don’t eat Alligators may be that’s because the Spirit in the shrine is an Alligators Spirit I don’t know my sources don’t disclose that.

Obege lived to ripe age but its necessary that all Human no matter how mighty or small you are we will all die one Day, and he was survived by only his cousins and nephews ; he remained single throughout his life-time no child were been born to him. Such has been the life of great heroes of history

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